Super Shape Balloon Bouquet (Helium Filled)

$30.00$35.00 Incl. GST

Super Shape Balloon Bouquet (Helium Filled)

$30.00$35.00 Incl. GST

These super shape balloons are perfect for a themed party or sending them to your loved ones.

They come in different size and shapes, we have T-Rex dinosaur, flamingo, Ilama, butterflies. you can add them with a number balloon or mix them with a bubble balloon.

Item Description

  • 1 x 58 cm x 78 cm Super shape Balloon
  • Ribbon and weight
  • Helium Filled


Add Latex Balloons

Add some balloons to make them into a bouquet. Balloons with Hi-Float will float for 3+ days, with no H-Float will only float for 18 Hours.

Add Number Balloon

Add a Giant Number balloons
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  • Product Price: $30.00
  • Total: $0.00


Floating time

Floating time in air for 28cm helium Rainbow Birthday Balloon Bouquet is approximately 8-12 hours, depending on weather condition/temperature and how balloons are being handled and transported.  Please have your balloons delivered as close to your events as possible.

Disclaimer: Product photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual colours may vary from the product photos, and may also vary from the desktop/Mobile/Tablet’s screen due to monitor colour restrictions.


  • Dinosaur illama butterfly Birthday Balloon Bouquet
  • Dinosaur illama butterfly  Balloon Bouquet Melbourne Delivery
  • Balloon Delivery Melbourne

Additional information

Super Shape

Bluey, Dino-Mite T-Rex, Floating Flamingo, Flutters Butterfly, Llama, Mermaid, Pokemon, Stegosaurus, T-Rex, Tropical Butterfly

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